A roof leak can always be a pain; The water damage. The mold growth. But, finding the origin of the leak can be even more aggravating, whether its due to bad lighting, a precarious location, or whatever it may be, it’s never fun. Luckily, roof leaks are a common occurrence for most people with roofs, so there are some expert tips to help you zero in on where the water is coming from.

Here are the 5 best tips and tricks to locate a leak:

1. Go in the attic and bring a flashlight

Lighting is very important when trying to find a leak or anything for that matter, so arm yourself with a flashlight. If you have any construction lights you could clip on somewhere to illuminate specific areas, that is also very helpful. Make sure to be extra careful up there. Look down with each step you take if you are walking on the part of the attic that opens up to the room below.

2. Look for stained portions of the ceiling

When water leaks through the roofing shingles and whatever other obstructions it may encounter it will stain the ceiling and possibly the walls. Locate the stains, and if you can, go on the roof and get right above the location of the stain. Follow any water stains to their highest point.

3. Examine the rafters and roof decking above the stain

Once you’ve gotten on the roof, look for any cracks or breaks of the rafters and roof decking around where you think the stain might be. If it is an old roof, make sure to be extra careful, especially if it is wet, because there is the possibility of breaking through it.

4. Look for debris

Typically a roof only leaks if it hasn’t been maintained properly, or due to age and deterioration. When you’re up on the roof and above the stained area, look for any foreign materials that may have caused damage. This could be an errant nail, a piece of a tree, or anything else that may have hit your roof during a storm.

5. No leak? Move higher up on the roof

If you still haven’t found the leak, continue by moving up to the higher points of the roof, as water can run down the boards and rafters before becoming visible. Chances are that the water may be coming in at a different place than you are noticing your leak.

The most important thing is that you find any roof leaks quickly. Water can wreak havoc on your home if it leaks in through the roof. Small repairs often turn into large ones, and it can happen very quickly. Don’t delay in trying to find out where the water is coming from!

We understand that not everyone has the time or the tools to go searching out where the leak in their home is coming from. That’s why we are here to help! If you are experiencing any kind of roof leak, call us today and one of our trained professionals can help track it down!