A Review of Aluminum Gutters

Roof gutters are narrow channels located at the edge of the roof, but still, forms part of the roofing system, and are responsible for collecting, diverting, and channeling rainwater away from both the base of the house and the roof edge. For this reason, they are also called rain gutters, rain catchers, drips tears, and eaves channels.

Residential rain catchers are built from different materials, including aluminum, copper, steel, zinc and vinyl plastics. Aluminum ones are quite popular because they are easy to install, and their maintenance costs are relatively low.

Aluminum Water Drainage Systems

These light-weight rain catchers are the most common water drainage solution. These are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, and this allows homeowners to choose the right (or most fitting) eaves channels for their homes. The prices vary depending on quality and type.

Aluminum is a rust-resistant material, and this ensures that they do not rust even after long exposure to moisture and rainwater. Moreover, even though these come in different colors, homeowners can still paint them with colors of their choice. Nonetheless, homeowners need to engage the services of experienced roofers so that they are installed properly and smoothly aligned with the rest of the roofing system.

With regards to size, there are only two sizes available: the 5-inch and the 6-inch gutter. The size is determined by the width of the gutter.

There are also two types of this kind of rain gutter: the K-style and the half-round models. These are defined by shapes of their cross-sections. The front side of K-style models features a decorative shape, while the bottom and back side are flat. Usually, the front of K-style models mimics crown molding. On the other hand, half-round designs are simply half-tubes whose top edges have been rounded off for easy handling. For comparison purposes, a 5-inch K-style gutter handles twice (or double) the capacity of a 5-inch half-round gutter. Unsurprisingly, a 5-inch K-style costs 50 percent more than a 5-inch half-round gutter. Still, K-style designs are more popular than half-tube designs.

Seamless Aluminum

This is a special category of drainage systems that is built at the work site. Before building seamless aluminum drainage channels, spools of flat aluminum must first be delivered to the work site. Then, professional fabricators use gutter forming machines to build customized channels of required lengths. Therefore, instead of building an eaves channel by assembling and seaming together several standard-sized models, only one seamless channel is needed to form an eaves channel. This means that there are no seams, and this makes it more leak-proof, thereby improving its water-carrying capacity. Normally, water leaks occur at the seam joints.

Due to the seamless nature of these systems, they are also known as continuous aluminum gutters. However, they are more expensive than standard aluminum drainage channels.

How Much is Needed

Homeowners need to determine how much material they need before they can purchase and install the systems. However, it is not easy for homeowners to correctly estimate the quantity and quality needed. The reason for this is that there are several considerations that one must factor when choosing the type, quality, and amount of material used in the system. These considerations include the size of the roof, roof slope, and the maximum rainfall expected in the area. For this reason, it is advisable that homeowners engage expert roofers in determining how much is needed.
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Aluminum gutters are rust-proof (especially when they are coated with water-resistant paint), and this ensures that they do not corrode and disintegrate when in use. However, for it to work well, it must be maintained properly.

Gutters are usually clogged, and this can lead to water leakage due to water backup. Moreover, the stagnant water provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes; as well as allows weeds and grass to grow. Plant growth can erode the wooden and concrete structures in the roof, thus exacerbating the extent of water leakage into the house. For this reason, gutters must be cleaned manually and the debris removed.

Clogging can also be prevented using gutter guards which keep out debris from entering the gutters. There are different kinds of protection (guard) devices including snap-in guards, strainers, filtered guards, hinged guards, and covers.

When planning to install aluminum gutters, homeowners must first obtain a quotation that lists all the materials needed, including channel guards, and their respective prices so that they can budget properly. The quotation can also include labor and installation costs. Armor Roofing can provide a reliable quotation of professional and complete installation of rain gutters.

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