Armor Roofing LLC, a leading roof company servicing Denver, CO and surrounding area, published an article on its website offering safety precautions for roofing work. The company understands that working on roofs is a dangerous and challenging job. Therefore, the work ideally should be done only by professionals when possible.

The company knows that the most significant risk of working on roofs is falling from a tall roof. As a result, they have decided to offer helpful tips on how to stay safe while working on roofs. They suggest a step by step process to maintain the safety of homeowners who suspect they have problems with their roof. The following are the guidelines of Armor Roofing LLC for a safe roofing procedure.

Make sure that the roof is safe

Armor Roofing LLC suggests that homeowners must ensure if the roof is safe to work on. A slippery and wet roof provides a higher risk of accidents. Moreover, the company also advised homeowners to not work on the roof during hot weather since the shingles can be possibly damaged.

Ladder safety

Armor Roofing LLC provides advice to homeowners to use a safe ladder while working on roofs. The user must follow the guidelines of using the ladder to avoid injuries.

Electrical safety

Electrical connections can be close to the roof. To avoid problems, the company suggests its customers to use a wooden or fiberglass ladder. It will help to decrease the level of electric-related injuries.

Only carry materials that can be handled when climbing on the ladder

It cannot be denied that roofing work requires a lot of materials. The company suggests carrying only the required materials when climbing a ladder without taking up to large a load on each trip.


Make sure that the ladder is stable on the ground.

The company said that the ladder must be located on stable footing before climbing the ladder to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries.

Hiring an expert

Working on the roof is risky. With this, Armor Roofing LLC suggests leaving the hard job to the experts. They ensure that their customer can always depend on them anytime for their roofing needs.

Aside from offering the best tips for safety roofing, Armor Roofing LLC also welcomes customers to hire their consistent quality roofing services. The company is available to conduct free inspections for customers in Denver, Colorado and the many other areas they service.

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