Commercial Roof Replacement Guide

One of the major concerns of every business is keeping the property in good condition. Maintenance plays a critical role in ensuring that the property remains well maintained throughout. Addressing the problem early enough is important to extending the lifespan of your commercial roof. Most commercial roofers recommend proactive maintenance as it saves owners from any additional costs.

Factors to Consider Any Roof Replacement on A Commercial Building

Before replacing the roof of your building you need to consider various factors, which includes the following:

1. The Condition of the Roof

Hire an expert to help you check your roof and tell whether your roof is still in good condition or has sustained serious damages. A proper assessment of your roof will help you make an informed decision on whether you need to repair your roof or even replace it. Hire an experienced and reputable roofing company that can make an honest assessment of the damage to ensure that you understand the scope of work necessary to the job. The roofing company will also guide you on the most efficient options that can help you to address your roof problem.

2. Climatic Conditions of Your Area

Many types of roofing materials are available. Each is designed to be used under certain climatic conditions. Some roofing materials reflect the sun’s heat and are ideal for roofing in areas that experience hot summers. Such materials are designed to keep your home cool, cutting down on the cost required to keep your home cool during hot summers.

3. Consider Your Neighbors

Replacing your roof can involve a lot of disturbances and noise. You may need to inform your neighbors about your plans in advance as a common courtesy. Put yourself in their shoes; you would want to be given a heads up as to any early morning disturbances from roofers. To minimize disturbances, you have to hire experienced roofers such as Armor Roofing who have experience in getting the job done promptly.
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Hiring the Best Commercial Roof Contractor

Although there are many roofers out there, only some have enough experience to handle the complexities of a commercial job. Avoid being tempted by low bidders who might not have the actual experience to get the job done right. Do your own background checks to ensure that you hire the best contractor in your area. Below are listed are some of the basic qualities that you may consider before hiring a commercial roofing contractor.

Certification and Licensing

Unlike residential homes that have fewer concerns about structural factors, the commercial building requires a lot of design considerations, which need to be managed by an experienced professional. Certified professionals have all the necessary skills to handle any commercial roofing. To know whether a particular contractor is certified, you can check the website of the state or locality’s Department of Licensing. You can also ask the contractor about their license and ask for a copy. With professional contractors with good prior customer feedback and an excellent reputation with the better business bureau, you can rest assured that knowing that you will have a quality job done.


It is important only to work with contractors who are insured by a reputable financial institution. Make sure that the company’s workers are also covered and can be compensated by insurance if there is an on-site accident. Insurance protects both you and the contractor against any accident that may occur during construction.


Look for a contractor that gives a warranty. A warranty is an assurance that the work done is quality and can last. Roofers that offer a warranty will come out and fix the job at no cost if it turns out there was a defect in their work when they did it the first time. Warranty periods can vary based on the roofer and type of roof installed, but obviously look for the longest term warranty you can get for a particular material.


A reputed contractor that has been in the market for many years understands all the challenges and complications that arise while roofing a commercial building. He understands all the requirements that are necessary and has relationships with insurance adjusters in the area. Having a contractor that has been in the market for more than twenty years is an assurance that the work will be done properly and within a given time assuming their reputation has been intact that entire time. Although new companies entering the market may be offering the services at a lower cost, they may not be able to figure out the challenges that might arise during the roofing process and are likely to take longer time than expected or deliver a low-quality work.

Customer Review

You can learn about the most reputable contractor through referrals. Ask your friend about the best roofing contractor if they know someone who has had a satisfactory experience. You can also read customer reviews to learn the best commercial roof replacement in your area. Armor Roofing has many different five star reviews on a variety of online review sites and has been in business for over 36 years. If you happen to live in the Kansas City area of a few hundred miles in that vicinity consider giving Armor Roofing a call today.

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