There are several roof safety considerations you need to observe when working on a roof. The most obvious danger is falling from a tall roof. If you cannot secure the ladder well and ensure the roof is stable, then you risk falling. If you were working on a high rise window, then the injuries which can arise from falling can be fatal. To avoid injuries, you need to ensure the roof is stable. You need to hire a professional roof inspector if you are not sure of the structural integrity of the roof. Some of the roof safety tips and the necessary measures you can follow to avoid the safety risks include the following:

Ensure the Roof is Safe to Work On

You should at all cost avoid working on a roof which is not safe. Avoid working on a roof which is slippery, particularly after a recent storm. When the roof is wet and slippery, there are high chances of falling, hence you should let the roof dry before you climb.

Always ensure the roof is clean and there is no entry for children and pets which can interfere with your work when working on the roof. You should avoid working on the roof when it is extremely hot because the shingles can become damaged hence hard to work with.

Wear Shoes Which Offer Optimum Traction

There are specific shoes which you need to wear before you climb the roof. In order to avoid the safety concerns when working on a roof, you should ensure you wear soft soled shoes which will offer maximum traction when on the roof so that you can avoid the risk of falling when on the roof.

Ladder Safety

There are several safety guidelines you need to follow when working with a ladder. First, you need to read the labels on the ladder so that you can know how they are applied. You should always avoid using a ladder which has been damaged. If there are power lines near your roof, you should avoid using the ladder in such places.

Always maintain three point of contact when climbing the ladder. You can have two feet on the ladder and one hand or two hands and one foot as you climb the alder. It is essential to follow the guidelines because if you fall from a ladder, there are high chances you will be exposed to severe injuries.


Use the Ladder With its Accessories for the Intended Purpose

There are different accessories which come with the ladder to enhance your safety as you climb the ladder. In order to avoid cases where you will increase the risk of falling, it is necessary to ensure you use accessories such as hooks and ladder levelers for their intended purposes. The ladder should be free from any slippery materials or rugs as you step on it so that you can avoid cases where you can fall from the ladder which can expose you to injuries.

Use Your Ladder on a Stable Ground

Ensure the ladder is resting on a stable ground before you start climbing the roof. The ladder should be secured on the top and bottom before you start climbing. It is necessary to follow the procedures so that you can avoid the risk of sliding and falling from the ladder as you climb. You should avoid placing the ladder on other materials to obtain additional height. It may slide and injure you. The ladder should never be re-positioned as you climb to the roof.

Avoid Exceeding the Ladder’s Maximum Load Rating

Different ladders will have their maximum capacity indicated. You should always avoid cases where you will load more than is necessary on the ladder. If you can end up overloading the ladder, always ensure the ladder is stable to avoid the risk of falling. The ladder should be at all times attended. For instance, as you climb the ladder, you should have someone attending it so that you can avoid cases where you can end up falling.

Electrical Safety When on the Roof

If you are working on a roof which has electrical connections nearby, you need to use a fiberglass or wooden ladder which will avoid the risk of injury. When working on the roof, you should always avoid touching hot wires as you work on the roof. Always pay attention to the location of the electrical wires when on your roof. You risk injuring yourself if you can end up touching naked electrical wires when on the roof.

Nail Gun Safety When on the Roof

All roofers should handle the nail gun well. Under no circumstances should you point a nail gun to another person when working on the roof. The safety mechanism on your nail gun should be working well or you will risk the gun injuring other people. If the nail gun has been tampered with, you should never use it. Remember when on the roof all the accessories which you are using should be working well. If certain safety features are not working well, you risk injury as you work on the roof.workerontopofkansascityroof

Never Shoot Nails from a Nail Gun Without Proper Positioning

When using a gun nail on your roof, you should only pull the trigger when the nail gun has pressed firmly against the roofing material. You risk injury if you start shooting nails from the gun without the proper contact. The nail gun should be properly cleaned and inspected to ensure it is in good working condition. Try to lubricate the nail gun before use so that it can work well when fastening the nails. To prevent misfires, you should always avoid resting the gun nail against your body. Ensure you disconnect the air supply after you have finished using the nail gun. It is necessary to avoid misfires.

Only Carry Materials You Can Handle When Climbing the Ladder

The roofing project will require a lot of materials. To avoid cases where you will be
subjected to fatigue which can end up exposing you to injury, you need to ensure you only carry the only material you need when climbing the ladder.

When to Hire an Expert

Instead of risking your life when on the roof, it is necessary to hire experts who know how to handle the job professionally and safely. You can contact roofers at Armor Roofing in Denver, CO who will ensure your project is safely handled so that you can realize value for money in the long run.

At Armor we offer free inspections, and if your roof is insured under your home’s current policy, if there is damage your insurance company should cover most of the expense. As a result, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call today at (720) 513-4142 for your free inspection today!