Today Armor roofing released the following press release:

Armor Roofing LLC, a provider of roofing services in Denver, Colorado, is pleased to announce to the general public about their recent article ‘How To Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof’ published on the company’s website. The article includes useful tips and guidelines for caring for your roof and can be found at the following web address:

Anyone that owns a home understands that roofing issues cannot normally be foreseen. One day everything can be fine, and the next morning one can wake up to a faulty roof that has succumbed to a roof leak following a severe hail storm. Armor Roofing LLC fully understands and appreciates residential and commercial roof repair needs and has developed this article to inform homeowners as to how to avoid serious damage to their homes in the future through preventative maintenance.

Several telltale signs of roof decay are mentioned in the recently published article. For example, it states in one section, “Take a look at the gutters. If you find shingle granules, it means that the roof has exceeded its expected lifespan, and may be due for replacement. Another sign of worn out granules is the presence of dark and inconsistent colors on some parts of the roof. These granules are part of the weatherproofing of your roof, and it needs to be addressed if they are falling off.”

Armor Roofing LLC is currently offering free no-obligation roof inspections to people in the Denver, Colorado area. Residents in this area can contact them via telephone at (720) 513-4142 to speak to one of their professional roofers to schedule an inspection, get a quote on a new roof, or get their questions answered about their home roofing, gutter system, or siding. The company can also reached through the Contact Form at their website,, or by messaging them directly through their Google My Business page.

Shawn Obermann, founder and President of Armor Roofing LLC stated, “It is important for homeowners to appreciate that there are many indications that your roof might be in need of some work to prevent future water leaks through your ceiling. We created this article in the hope that homeowners can use the information to better recognize when it might be a good time to have a professional come out and provide thorough inspection of the roof.”

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