Common Flat Roof Repairs And Problems

Flat roofs have gained popularity nowadays thanks to the introduction of new structural systems. It represents pure geometry and reflects the wide horizontal lines of the landscape. Most modern homes have flat or gently pitched designs. But these types will leave the homeowner with the burden of frequent maintenance and repair, as they are highly susceptible to cracks and leaks that create a lot of havoc. This could especially be true if you experience a lot of hail damage. But what causes these problems? Well, here are the common problems that will necessitate flat repair.

Common Problems


The material tends to deteriorate due to exposure to extreme weather elements. Organic roofing materials are more prone to decay than inorganic materials. Exposure to industrial atmosphere and pollutants may speed up the decay of roofing materials.

Poor Maintenance

Failing to correct uneven surfaces on flat or gently sloped designs will lead to the accumulation of water and sediments that will eventually damage your roofing material.

Design Issues

Design related issues are expensive to repair, and generally, the corrections should be carried out when the roofing material is being replaced. Some examples of design problems include:
– Weak supporting structures that may deflect excessively under loads.
– The inadequate drainage system, improper slope or sagging structure leading to water accumulation.
– Incorrect systems that do not allow adequate expansion or contraction due to changes in direction or deck material.
– Incompatible materials.


Wind blowing over the edge tends to create a vacuum and uplifting pressure that can partially rip off the roofing membrane. So the insulation and roofing should be fastened to the perimeter and the roof structure to withstand the forces that it is being subjected to.

Flashing Material

The major role of flashing is to create a watertight seal between the roofing and other sections of the house. This area should be inspected well before any other areas. Improper installation procedures and incorrect sealing will allow rainwater to enter the roof structure and roofing materials. To eliminate the problem, it is advisable to install a flashing material over a cap or joint.

Base Flashing

Base-flashing can also create some serious problems that you must take into consideration. Some common causes include:
– Inadequate base-flashing piles.
– Insufficient overlaps
– Improper height.
– Improper fastening to the roofing surface.
– Poor adhesion.
– Loose insulation below
– Insufficient coating.
gray house

Penetration Flashing

Penetration flashing, whether small or large, can fail in many ways. Common penetration flashing problems include:
– Improper design.
– Deteriorated counter flashing.
– Broken seams in curbs as a result of building movements.
– Water accumulation behind penetration curbs
– Poor finishing of metallic surfaces

Drain Flashing

Having a good drain system is not as easy as installing many drain openings. Rather it should have reasonable drain openings with sufficient pitch from the highest point to a drainage system. It is advisable to use overflow scuppers on different areas to prevent water accumulation in case of any emergency. All these areas should be properly maintained.

Rooftop Equipment

While it may be easy to install a satellite antenna, AC compressor and other components to the roofing surface, it is important to give proper attention when such kind of equipment are being mounted. They should never be installed directly to the roof membrane top. Instead, they should be installed on a support structure or raised curb-type supports. Then curb flashing or flat flange can be used to secure the roof, and roof repair and replacement can be carried out without removing the equipment.

Metal Base Flashing

This type of flashing tends to separate easily when in contact with bituminous materials. The rate at which these two materials expand and contract will produce cracks that allow rainwater to enter the surface, thereby causing damage. Due to these reasons, it is advisable to replace metal with a bituminous material when it comes to base flashing.

Now you know the problems that are often associated with flat roofs. Most of these problems can be attributed to poor roof installation and maintenance as homeowners try to save costs by doing some roof repair works on their own or hiring roofing contractors with cheap and low-quality services. Therefore, it is advisable to give priority to quality and reputation, not cost, when choosing contractors for flat roof repair in your home.

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