Spring is almost here, and this means that you’ll need to spruce up your rain gutters.  Making sure they are clean is important because gutters are responsible for draining water from your roof, and reduces the chances of water coming into your house.  However, when your rain gutters are cluttered, it can be big trouble for your home. The main problem with gutters is the excess debris that builds up in them, and around them, blocking them from doing their job.  Regular maintenance is needed to keep your gutters fully functional.

How Often Should I Inspect and Clean My Gutters?

How often you clean your gutters depends a little bit on what kind of weather your home is exposed to.  Poor weather conditions happen throughout the year, so this means that you’ll need to clean the gutter whenever there are rainy days or times when it is incredibly windy outside.  Typically, this is when debris is most likely to get in the gutters.

Additional Problems to Look Out for

Excess debris isn’t the only thing to look out for when inspecting your rain gutters.  Some gutters might have holes, corrosion, parts that are sagging, and other wear and tear.  If your gutters are showing visible signs of wear, then it’s probably time to replace them. Call us today if you need help with your gutters!

Proper Gutter Care Protects Your Landscaping

If you have beautiful landscaping in front of your home, then you should pay particular attention to keeping your gutters clean.  When your gutter is clogged, the rainwater gets all over your siding and roof, leading to saturation on your ground. As a result, your landscaping can look soggy and unattractive.  Also, water buildup could lead to cracks in your foundation.

Clean Gutters Prevent Roof Leaks

If you want your roof to be free of leaks and other problems, then you should clean out your gutters as soon as they need it.  When gutters aren’t letting water escape, that water can pool up, leading to leaks in your roof.

What to Look For When Inspecting Your Rain Gutters

Start by pruning or eliminating all tree branches that hang around your gutters.  Another thing you should do is tug lightly on your gutters to see if there is anything loose.  If this is the case, fasten any loose sections as well as you can. And as stated earlier, you should clear out all debris from your gutter. If you have repeated issues with debris, installing a guard over your gutters could be a good option.

Rain gutters are essential to protect your home during severe weather.  If you have any concerns about your gutters, call our roofing experts today, and we can help.  With well-maintained gutters, your roof will operate better, and your home will be a safe place for you and your family.