Common Services Offered by Gutter Maintenance Professionals

Rainwater dripping can erode the area around the foundation, lead to seepage in the basement, and splash dirty water onto your walls. This is where gutters come in handy. One is often built in the roofing system to accumulate and divert rainwater and even melted snow. Rain gutters are made using a wide variety of materials, such as painted or galvanized steel, copper, painted aluminum, PVC pipes, stone, wood, fiber, and concrete. They can be included in the building structure in the following three ways:

– By suspending a metal trough beyond the edge of the roof and below the roof slope.
– By having a narrow channel along the lower roof edge that opens into a pipe downwards.
– By building a brick or stone narrow channel beneath the edge of the roof

But just like any other building component, gutters require regular maintenance to enhance their efficiency and prevent the development of new problems. Blocked or clogged gutters can cause extensive damage to the building foundation as it seeps water into them. Stagnant water will lead to the growth of weeds and grasses in the narrow channel and attract mosquitoes. Therefore, it is important to repair and clean these channels.

Cleaning it regularly will help you prevent huge maintenance costs, especially if you wait until a considerable damage has occurred. Don’t wait to call maintenance services only when there is an obvious leakage in your house. While there are some minor cleaning routines you can perform on your own, cleaning services will deal with every little aspect of maintenance which will ensure that potential future problems that may require huge repair costs are eliminated. Here are some of the services offered by maintenance professionals.
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Common Services Offered by Maintenance Professionals

Unclogging A Channel

Nuts, leaves, and bark pieces tend to clog the narrow water collection system channels. Most blockages occur around the joints or openings of the troughs and pipes. Due to such clogs, the water will splash over the sides, leading to seepage in the house.

Sealing A Leaking Channel

Leaking gutters pose serious problems to your home as you might not even know that there is a leak. This problem is often caused by cracks, holes, and disconnected joints due to heavy downpour or wear of the trough. The expert will carry out a thorough inspection of the whole passage to assess the extent of the damage and come up with a proper repair mechanism. Small cracks or holes can be sealed with a waterproof sealant or water-resistant glue. On the other hand, large cracks or holes require effective sealing as they may be unable to withstand the pressure of water and burst open. In most cases, a thin steel sheet is used to seal the hole by gluing it on the cracked part. Even here, a water-resistant glue is used.

Repairing Disjointed Troughs

Disjointed trough occurs when the water pressure erodes the bolts and nuts used to hold the joints together. This problem can be fixed by using bolts and nuts which are treated with a rust-proof solution.

Installing Gutter Guards

If there are many trees around your house, you may consider installing guards so that leaves and sticks do not fall in and clog the channel. Snow guards can also be installed along the roof edges to break up the ice fill as it slides downwards, otherwise, a huge ice fall will be formed that brings your channel down with it.


A broken trough should be replaced. When it gets damaged, rainwater and melting snow will seep deep into the walls and foundation. This will destroy the paint and weaken the foundation of the house. If you have an old house, chances are that it has deteriorated. This means that you need to install a new channel. If a leaky downspout is the source of your leakage problems despite all the unclogging and cleaning, then have it replaced.

A well-maintained gutter system not only prevents wall seepage and leakages but also looks good and works well for a prolonged period of time. Installing a new guttering system can be a very costly affair that you can simply avoid by cleaning your gutter regularly. Moreover, rotten vegetation, mold on walls and leaky interiors in gutters can be a major health hazard.

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