Roof Hail Damage Repair Services

After a strong storm, you may experience hail damage to your house. If you have a hail damaged roof, you should look for a professional who will carry out the repair services. It is easy and affordable to fix the problem if you have insurance which should cover most, if not all the costs associated with the necessary repair or replacement.

In considering a replacement, understand that there are some roofs which are more prone to hail damage than others. It is always necessary for you to look for materials which will resist damage caused by the elements so you have less chance of re-roofing the structure again in the future. You will need to work with an expert to identify the best roofing materials for your area and have it them on your home. During a hailstorm, the wind direction will vary. If the direction of the wind will face a particular direction, it will cause more damage in that direction. Professional roofers can inspect your house and know whether it is necessary to either or repair or replace the roofing on top of the house.

There are several factors to take into consideration before you can an appropriate professional for your hail damaged roofs:

Typical Wind Direction and Speed in Your Area

The extent of damage from hail impacts depends on the direction of the wind and its speed. If the wind hits at high speed, then there is a significant chance it will cause more damage from any associated hail. If you notice strong wind hitting your house from a particular direction, then after the storm you could climb a ladder and carry out some form of assessment so that you will know whether there is need to worry.

However, it is hard to climb on top of a house if you do not have experience in doing so, and more importantly, this is not recommended as it can be quite dangerous; it is very easy for you to have it inspected if you will hire qualified professionals to do so. Obviously is less expensive at first glance to carry out a flat roof repair yourself, but do not even consider trying to do the repair yourself on a steeply pitched roof. Remember that if you do not do an adequate job, you are likely going to have to do another repair in the near future or experience water damage. Thus, in the long run, hiring a professional could actually be less expensive than trying to do the job yourself.

Size and Density Of Hail

Hailstones differ on their sizes. You can experience small hails stones or even those which can be as large as softballs. Obviously, you do not want to be out in the rain when the latter hits! Hailstones can have rough edges; they can damage your house and create dents. If you experience large hailstones in your neighborhood, then it is quite necessary for you to take appropriate measures and look for a company which will help you repair the damage. Rely on the advice of the roofers your hire to inspect the site. They can then advise you whether it is necessary to start from scratch or just carry out minor repairs on areas which have been affected by the hailstones.

Best Roofing Materials

The choice of materials matters. If you go for aluminum and asphalt, the hailstones will just cause dings. But, on vinyl or wood shakes, they can cause more damage. They will cause cracking which will make your shingles less effective in serving as a barrier against the elements. The age of the materials also matters. If you have an old roof, the big hailstones can cause a puncture due to wear and decay through the years. You should act first and correct the problem as soon as possible so that you will avoid catastrophic damage whereby the hail can expose you to major losses in your property.

Having Adequate Water Barriers

If you have obstacles in your home such as trees or even neighboring homes, then you can reduce the impact of the hailstones on your roofs. You could ultimately hire a landscaper to adjust your environment to create an environment less amenable to hail damage. You could plant a few trees in strategic locations. However, also realize that these same obstacles could be mobilized to become projectiles that can create even more damage during a particularly bad storm with high winds. Ultimately, it is just a better idea to upgrade your roofing materials to something that is naturally resistant to hail damage.

Common Roof Damage As A Result Of Hailstones

There are different ways you can notice the damage on your roof. For example, you will notice damage on asphalt roofs and those which you will notice on wood shingles. They are most noticeable when they fall off the house in a broken state. You might even see dents in AC units or cars which could be indicative that it might be time to call a roofer to conduct a full inspection.

Asphalt shingles will include signs such as black coloration and creation of small cracks on the upper surface. The wood shingles will incur impacts such as discernible wear pattern like sharp corners among small dents. These are clear signs that it is time to have the roof replaced or repaired.

It does not matter the type of damage your roof has experienced, at Armor Roofing we offer the best hail damaged repair services. We will carry out an assessment of your roof and ensure we offer you the best quality roof at a reasonable price. Our professionals have a lot of experience to determine the best remedy after your roof has been subjected to hailstone damage. You can let us know about your insurance coverage provider, and we will offer you the services for the insurance to settle the bill. Since we have relationships with most of the agents in the Kansas City area, we often can help you expedite the claim.

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