When you think about keeping your homeowner’s insurance policy rates as low as possible, you think about keeping up maintenance to make sure people – those who live in the home and visitors alike – are less likely to get injured on your property. You make sure your valuables are locked up safely, and you buy security systems, stronger doors, locks, and windows to protect your home from theft. You even opt for a cuddly kitten rather than a large dog in order to protect visitors from attacks.

However, have you thought about keeping your homeowner’s insurance policy rates as low as possible during the different seasons? Winter weather conditions can cause some of the most damage to your home, as well as you, your family, and your visitors, and the best way to protect your home and everyone in and around it is to practice prevention, i.e., make necessary repairs before winter strikes, and take precautionary measures after winter strikes.

To make repairs to your home before winter, start at the top. Make sure your gutters are clean, and keep them clean by purchasing gutter guards – those nifty little add-ons that prevent anything like leaves and branches from clogging up your gutters.  Then check the roofing materials.  Are there any leaks in the roof?  Do shingles look cracked or warped?  If so, you might need to carry out roofing repairs to ensure no water leaks into your home.  If you happen to live in the Denver, CO, you can call Armor Roofing LLC for a free no-obligation roof inspection.

Then take a look at the walk way and steps that lead to your home. Repair any cracks in the steps or walk way, as well as any wobbly hand rails. If your steps do not have a handrail, consider installing one. Also, take a look at the outside structure of your home. If you have any cracks, repair those as well.

Now, take a look at the inside of your home. Make sure you and your contents stay warm by making any repairs to your heating system, adding extra insulation, and repairing cracks in windows. Regularly check your fire alarm batteries, and learn to turn off water in the event that it may freeze and bust your pipes.

By performing some basic home maintenance, you can better insure that not only are you adhering to the conditions of your home insurance policy, you are also decreasing the chances of exacerbating some damage to your home.  For siding, roofing, and other home improvement needs you can all Armor Roofing at (720) 513-4142 for your free inspection.  Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.  Give us a call now while it is still on your mind!