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Weather damage does not have to be the only reason you hire a contractor to do some major home improvements. Recently, Armor Roofing expanded its service offering to include home remodeling services. Want a different look to your living room? Want a more modern kitchen? How about the construction of a new deck? Well, we can help you with that.

Armor Roofing will bring you the same 5-star quality that it has brought to the roofing industry. We have a variety of different home improvement specialists that we call on to make sure that your job is done just right. This way you are not hiring some jack-of-all-trades to do the work that specializes in nothing. This way the job gets done right the first time by someone who has the experience with numerous similar jobs. We can also handle most repairs to your home.

As always, your customer satisfaction comes first on any project you want to take on. Call us today at (816) 331-7663 for a free estimate of what it will take to transform your current house into the home of your dreams!

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Important Things To Remember Regarding Your Home Renovations

Beware of Change Orders

A lot of contractors will go out an intentionally put out low-ball bids that they will make a little money on. Why? Well, most know that most home owners will be capricious in their decision making. They will want to defer decisions or make changes to the design as the project is going up. That is when these contractors pounce with the infamous “change orders” and jack up the price. They will say something like “This is what we priced the job out at, on the old design. You want something else, well we have to change our pricing.” And since you already have money sunk into these contractors, it is not like you can easily get a new estimate elsewhere without losing the money you have put into the job.

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This is why it is vital to be 100% clear on all aspects of the job before you contract it out. Make all your major decisions up front. Explicitly incorporate each aspect into the plans in thorough detail. When you bid with a contractor on plans make sure to ask him if the plans are complete and if he will need any additional information to complete the job. You can even tell him that the last thing you want to have is the fee boosted for a change order later down the line, and you do not plan on changing anything. Then make sure to get everything in writing. At the same time make sure the contractor is properly capitalized, licensed and insured to make sure he can, in fact, complete the job.

Do Not Assume You Will Save Money Buying Materials Yourself

This is a common mistake that many homeowners make. They figure if they buy all the construction materials themselves, they can cut out the markups from the contractor. And if you could actually buy at a contractor’s pricing, that might be the case. But remember, contractors source tons of materials and likely gets significant price breaks on them. Even after the markup, you are likely going to save money having the contractor source the materials.

The other reason to do this is that you might unwittingly buy a material that is not suited for the job. For example, you might buy materials that do not withstand the temperature or humidity in your particular area. Or perhaps you buy materials that do not easily work with each other. A contractor is going to know exactly what he needs for a project and will know from experience what works best. Nothing beats the on the job learning you get in the real world. You cannot learn everything by surfing the internet…at least not yet.

Be Prepared for the Project To Go Over Budget

This is a matter of proper planning since not everything turns out as you expect. If you followed my first piece of advice and incorporated all the decisions into your original plans up front, then you are going to be well ahead of everyone else in terms of dealing with unexpected “change orders.” However, you never know when something truly unexpected comes up. As a result, you should always have some money in reserve just in case things end up being more expensive than you planned. The last thing you are going to want is a half finished bathroom or kitchen because you ran out of money on the job because there was some factor you and your contractor did not account for. If you have done the proper planning up front a safety margin of an extra 5% is probably okay, but it is better if you can budget for even the worse case scenario.

Get Out Of the Home While It is Being Worked On

You want to budget yourself some accommodations at a local apartment or hotel while undergoing major construction renovations. I know it is tempting to say it is cheaper to stay at home while it is ongoing, and that will seemingly certainly lower the overall cost of the project. However, your being there can provide significant distractions to the crew. They might go out of their way not to bother you. Your kids might keep getting in the way. As a result, the job could take longer and end up being more expensive than planned. Plus, depending on the scope of the job, it might not be safe for you and your kids to be around the construction. You will also find it a lot more stressful living while a large job is going on around you.

Do Not Waste Money Remodeling A House On Its Last Legs

Face the fact that some homes just are not worth remodeling. If the house has been around a long time or was properly constructed, to begin with, you honestly might be better off tearing it down and rebuilding from scratch. Do you really want to pay a lot of money to put in a fancy kitchen in an old house where the foundation is cracked or ready to fall in? It would not be a wise use of money.

Finally, if you want the job done right with honest up front pricing, give our guys a call. We will take good care of you and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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