Animal lovers who visit the Kansas City area should definitely check out the Kansas City zoo.  It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and is rated one of the top zoos in the United States, particularly if you want to get a taste of exotic African wildlife (one of the most extensive collections of such animals outside of Africa).

What is  there to do in the zoo?  VisitKC describes just a few activites you and your family might enjoy:

More Zoo for you to explore with more than 200 acres of adventure filled with more than 1,700 animals. See penguins like never before at Helzberg Penguin Plaza. Watch king and gentoo penguins torpedo through the water in their 100,000 gallon cool pool and see the Humboldt penguins bask in the sun and get their flippers wet in the 25,000 gallon warm water pool. Journey to the Polar Bear Passage and marvel at our polar bears’ beauty and strength. Swing into the Orangutan Canopy and get nose to nose with these orange apes. Take a walk-about through a mob of kangaroos.

There are a variety of exihibits in the zoo.  Some of the most popular are the Polar Bear Plunge, the Africa section (including species from Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Congolese Rainforest), Australia, the Tiger Trail, the KidZone, the Discovery Barn, the Great Ape House, and the Orangutan Canopy.   The park was selected as one of the United States’ best zoos in 2008 coming in first for its African exhibits, chimpanzees, and kangaroos.  The zoo’s chimpanzee exhibit was even highly praised by noted chimp enthusiast Jane Goodall.

The zoo has also continued to invest in expanding the facilities over the last decade:

Extensive renovations of the zoo began in late 2005.  The Discovery Barn opened in 2006, formerly the Red Barn. It contains many exhibits, and slides for children. Outside, there is a Peek-a-Boo Tree, that is fun for children to play in and get a sky-high view at the top of the tree, and like the Discovery Barn, it also contains a slide. The Promenade was also added in 2006, which is a wide path straight to the African elephants exhibit, which allows guests to reach Africa much faster. The new entrance admission gates opened in May 2008, with an educational center and a North American river otter and trumpeter swan exhibits. In early 2009, the Tropics House opened behind the Sea Lion pavilion in the 1909 Building, and the polar bear exhibit opened in August 2010, located near the entrance, in the location formerly occupied by stroller rental.  In October 2013, the Helzberg Penguin Plaza opened, funded by an ongoing series of fundraising events as well as a 1/8th cent sales tax collected from the 2 county Zoological District.

Source: Wikipedia

Your kids can even find Dory and Nemo (well, fish that look just like them…) at the Kansas City Zoo as described in the video below.

To get to Armor Roofing after visiting the Kansas City zoo, simply follow the directions on the map below.