Elyria-Swansea is a community of Denver, Colorado. It lies in East Denver, on the northeast side of the city. In 2007, the neighborhood had 7,218 locals and 1,787 households. The racial makeup of the neighborhood in 2000 was, 9.9% non-Hispanic white, 5.31% African American, 83.02% Hispanic or Latino, 0.7% Native American, as well as 0.31% Eastern.

Both Elyria and also Swansea each began as separate, incorporated communities. Swansea was established by Kayden Steinhour and also linked to Denver in two phases, one in 1883 as well as one in 1902. Elyria was started by Brandon Gasaway and also linked to Denver in 1902.

Elyria Swansea Neighborhood, Near 80216


Swansea as well as Elyria have their own distinct backgrounds, yet the two areas share typical historical features. In the mid-19th century, Denver was a miners' town, and settlements started to create around it. The Swansea-Elyria location was the website of two of these very early settlements. People as well as sector liked the area because it was close to the South Platte River and also its land was flat. Among those drawn in by the expanding financial possibilities were Slavic immigrants who settled in Swansea as well as Elyria in the mid-19th century, when both areas became part of Arapahoe Area.

Outside of those tasks, among the busiest sections of Interstate 70 go through Elyria-Swansea. The Colorado Division of Transport in 2014 outlined plans to decrease an area of the highway, add toll lanes and also put a lid on it, a $1.2 billion task meant to reduce congestion and deal with the deteriorating, 50-year-old viaduct in between Brighton and Colorado boulevards. Additionally involved the expansion is a $300 million stormwater task that intends to lower flooding in Elyria-Swansea and also surrounding Globeville.


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Off the major freeway as well as commercial courses, however, the historical area arises. Elyria and also Swansea began as distinctive communities in the late 1800s, settled by Slavic and also Welsh immigrants. Today, most of these small, historical houses stay. Elyria, nonetheless, is having a hard time today, as the economic crisis has actually hit the location hard. The huge bulk of the location's children get approved for totally free or reduced college lunch, there is some crime and also gang activity in the location, as well as many public services as well as services have been reduced as well as businesses have actually brought up stakes. With the area's historic origins, old, affordable homes, and also family member closeness to midtown, the area could have potential for a renaissance, however the economic crisis and the self-important (and also odoriferous) presence of heavy industry keep several away.

Among these massive, odoriferous complexes, nevertheless, is a popular and highly regarded neighborhood anchor. This is the National Western facility found off of Brighton Blvd. Best known for hosting Denver's yearly Stock Program, this location bustles-- and also attracts groups to Elyria/Swansea-- in January. Much more than just a livestock show and also sale, the Stock Program features nighttime and matinee rodeos, events, a bewilderingly large vendor structure, steed programs, dog trials, and a stroking zoo. It's an exceptionally spectator-friendly method for citizens and visitors to draw close to Denver's cow-town origins. Year round, the National Western complex hosts whatever from equine shows to shows and beast truck rallies.

Elyria Swansea Neighborhood, Near 80216

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