Everyone loves the idea of owning a home; however, not everyone is prepared for everything that comes along with it. One of those things is dealing with the roof. If you don’t do the small things to properly maintain your roof, you’ll put yourself at risk for a much larger, costlier problems.  With a price tag of up to $12, 000, replacing your roof is something you want to avoid. Here are some ideas on small things you can do to help maintain your roof:

Trim Trees Around Roof

To ensure that your gutters are clear of excess debris, you should trim your trees regularly.  Tree trimming is one of those things you can get the whole family involved in. While you trim the tree, your teenagers can gather the debris and throw everything in the dumpster.  Your trees will also look nicer after you trim them.


Insulate Your Roof

Another thing you can do is insulate your roof.  Insulation works because it keeps proper airflow throughout the house.  It also reduces the growth of mold and mildew around parts of the home such as the attic, bathroom, garage, and basement.

Examine Your Shingles

Roof shingles wear and tear over the years, and this is why you need to inspect them occasionally.  If too many of your shingles are hanging from the roof, then maybe it’s time to call our professionals to repair them,  If you have any noticeable shingle issues, get in touch with us ASAP!

Clear Out the Ice Dams

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you want to clear out ice dams as soon as they form.  Try and get rid of the excess snow buildup with a big scraper, as well. This is important to do because it reduces chances of snow melting and leaving puddles where you don’t want them.

Avoid Power Washing

Power washing is something you don’t want to do when cleaning your roof because the pressure of the water hose will only drive the debris and other dirty substances further into the gutters. Clean them with eco-friendly products, and always be gentle with them!

In conclusion, roofing maintenance is essential for a well-maintained home.  It should be done not just at the end of certain seasons, but throughout the year.  With a properly-maintained roof, you keep your home protected from weather-related damage if you’re ready to have your roof looked at by a professional call us today!