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Proper roofing maintenance is very important.  For many people, a house will be their most important long-term investment.  A house provides you the shelter you need to build a life with your family.  It, therefore, follows that you need to make it a welcoming environment for both you and your family.  The last thing you want is for your perfect life to be ruined by roof leak and the associated water damage to your most prized possessions.  Thus, it is vital that you properly maintain your roof.

You cannot understate the importance of a roof to keeping your home shielded from the stormy weather.  After a major hailstorm hits the Lee’s Summit area, consider contacting us to make sure that undetected water damage does not ruin your home.

If you are looking for a roofing company that has been in business in the Lee’s Summit area for over 23 years and that puts customer satisfaction first, then look no further than Armor Roofing.  You can confirm this by viewing a plethora of five-star reviews posted at online review sites.  We have long standing relationships with insurance adjusters in your area and understand the process of getting your insurance claim paid in a timely fashion.  At Armor Roofing, we stand behind our quality work.  We offer at least a five-year warranty on all jobs.

The last thing you want is for a water leak to ruin your home and possessions.  You have nothing to lose by calling us for a free inspection today.  Simply contact the number below or leave us a message through the Contact Us page.

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If you want your roof to survive the turbulent weather in the Lee’s Summit area, then you should make sure your roof is well maintained and repaired when necessary.  A full roof replacement can be very pricey, but not getting it taken care of immediately is not advised.  You are not going to save money by not having it taken care of.  If water begins leaking into your house because you delayed the replacement, repairing water damage can be a lot more expensive than the original roof cost you were avoiding.  A roof can only stand so much pounding by rain, hail, and snow over the years before needing to be refitted to restore its integrity.

However, there is a silver lining to this story.  Not every damaged roof requires a full repair.  In fact, most can be handled with an easier to manage repair.  Your home insurance policy will usually reimburse for the cost of a roof repair or replacement, assuming they oversee the process and determine it was replaced properly.  This is why you need to make sure your roofer does the job right the first time.  Otherwise, you might be having to call back out the company to fix mistakes the insurance adjuster found.

What Are The Signs of Roof Decay?

Here are some items to consider:

  • Can you detect the presence of wood rot? As you might expect, it is not good.  Once identified, it needs to be fixed.  It is best to take care of this as soon as possible.
  • Have roofing tiles cracked or fallen off the house?Replacing the tiles is definitely on the agent.  A full roof replacement might be necessary if too many tiles are damaged.
  • If you have a metal roof, do you notice any sections that are rusted? Rusting could be the first signs that the integrity of the roof has been compromised, and it is time for an inspection.  Do not wait to take care of the situation.
  • Under the Roof – Is the sarking intact?
    Never heard of sarking?  It is often placed under the roof to help prevent water leaks and provide additional support and insulation depending on the type of roof.  An eroded sarking layer could mean that your roof is overdue for a complete replacement.  If you want to keep the damage contained, it is necessary to fix the problem as soon as possible.

When noticing any damage, you need to start to assess how best to remedy the situation.  Most people are going to need to hire a roofer with considerable experience before considering whether a roof repair or replacement is necessary.  It is best that your bring in the expert as soon as possible since you likely have better things to do than climbing up on your roof looking for problems.

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After a full inspection, a roofer should be able to tell you with reasonable certainty what your repair options look like and what each will cost.  A complete replacement will always be an option, especially if you want to go ahead and upgrade the roof to a lifetime roofing system to increase your house’s resale value and postpone and future repairs.  If the damage is severe enough it might even be necessary.

Why Should I Go Ahead With A Replacement?

Having a completely replaced roof has some obvious benefits.  Roofing headaches after storms will likely be banished from your mind for the near future.  Install a lifetime roof on the home and you can probably expect a worry-free roof for almost a generation.  If the damage is not that severe, and you do not need the peace of mind that comes with a new roof, then a less costly repair might be possible.  One of the most typical reasons for installing a new roof is that you are planning on putting your house up for sale in the next few years.  Since first impressions are important, a new roof with the right materials can dramatically improve how home buyers perceive your home before even stepping inside.

Why Avoid A Roof Replacement?

You are looking at a more complex job when talking about a repair.  It will thus take longer and require more logistics to run smoothly.  A roofing crew that is well staffed and trained can make this process relatively easy for you with few headaches.  The biggest negative is obviously the cost.  You are looking at between $5,000 and $10,000 if you have a typical sized house and using standard materials.  A larger mansion or premium material job could be considerably more expensive while small houses might sneak in below this range.  Since the insurance company will be likely picking up the bill, this is a cost you should only worry about in terms of making sure the job is completed right so you make sure that they pay.  If you are worried about handling the paperwork associated with the claim in Lee’s Summit, then we can help you navigate that process.

If you do need a good roofing company near Lee’s Summit, consider us here at Armor Roofing.  Check out numerous five-star reviews online if you want to get a sense as to what most of our customers think of our commitment to quality.  Click on the button on the bottom right side of the screen or call (816) 331-7663 to request your free inspection and quote today!

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