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When walking down the street or neighborhood, the first thing that you see when facing all those beautiful houses is their siding. When installed properly by professionals, it gives the house its appeal and even increases its market value. There are so many options to consider when installing one. But before looking at the various possibilities of materials in the market, it is important to understand what is necessary for the completion of the job.

What is Siding?

It is the application of an exterior material on the walls of a house or building. The materials are meant to have properties that will provide the house with several benefits which include:

1. Protection from the effects of weather changes. The cover prevents the actual material used to build the house from suffering a direct hit from the weather.

2. Shedding of water since a majority of material used are waterproof or have been enhanced with a drain screen to make them stay dry even during wet seasons.

3. Prevention of rain and wind infiltration as the joints overlap or interlock with each other. The joints have been made in such a way that they are not rigid due to changing temperatures.

4. An appealing look particularly if a professional installs it. Designers or artists also help to ensure the aesthetic quality of the house is captured.

A good installation will overcome the harshest climatic condition. The right product will not split, crack, rot no matter the season of the year. There are several installation and replacement options to choose from, and that can be used for a house, and they include:


Most installers prefer vinyl as it has a lot of benefits to it. Vinyl is not expensive and saves the client a good amount of cash. It is also easy to maintain as all that is needed is power washing once per year. Today, vinyl is made in a way that it is able to withstand extreme weather changes and is very light for fast installation. The few shortcomings of vinyl include fading color when exposed to a lot of sunlight and cracking for freezing areas. This is due to moisture freezing on its surface as it does not fit tightly to the wall of the house.


This is made from a mixture of wood fiber, cement, clay, and sand. Fiber-cement siding has a low maintenance cost and weather resistance. The material does not rot and is termite proof. The major drawback of the fiber-cement is its weight. It is very expensive as installing it requires special tools and procedures or processes. The contractors need to be well trained to install the fiber-cement material.


Wood is an excellent option for any job. It comes in many choices depending on grade or even species. The amount of money used becomes the client’s choice as there are less expensive grades. Wood is easy to cut and does not necessitate a lot of specialization. The setback of wood is that it needs repainting now and then after a few years. It also requires re-staining especially after a power wash.

These are just but a few samples of the types of materials that are in the market that can be used to give your house your personal style or appearance. To make all this successful, you need to hire professional and dependable professionals to do the job for you.

At Armor Roofing, we advise and install the best quality materials on your house and our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

A Roofing Job in Kansas City Missouri

Why Choose Armor Roofing?


Our team is made up of specialized personnel that will give you the best service. Our team of professionals has the expertise in the installation of seamless materials and will guide you on the most favorable types.

Advanced Technology

The equipment we use is up-to-date and is handled by factory trained staff who are exceptional at their work. The equipment is one of the things necessary to ensurer that a job that will be perfect.

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Unlike many other contractors, our work ethics are top-notch as we do not disappoint our clients with late or half-finished jobs. As a matter of fact, we ensure satisfaction with a job well done.


A well-done job is the joy of every house owner as the outer beauty of a home tells a lot about its owners. For a fantastic result, you’ll need specialized installers, call us or visit us, and you will not be disappointed.

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