Nobody needs to be told that owning a home is expensive – we all know that. Whether it’s keeping your home up-to-date, prioritizing lawn care, or even replacing broken appliances, those bills can really add up. That’s why it’s important that you stay on top of all things in your home – including your roof. Not many homeowners might think about their roof’s health daily, but it’s definitely a structure that requires careful monitoring – starting with your insulation.

Your Roof Accounts for About 25% of Heat Loss

As you may know, insulation is there to trap heat inside your home. The insulation itself creates a barrier between the warmth in your home and the outside world; the same goes for cold air. During those hot summer months, your insulation traps cold air within your home. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, insulation is there to keep your thermostat – and your energy bill – happy.

Insulation Prevents Mold Growth

Mold! Nobody likes the sound of that. Mold and bacteria prosper in heat and moisture. Without proper insulation sealing up those gaps in your roof where moisture might creep in, you run the risk of creating the perfect environment for dangerous molds. After all, the existing insulation may create pockets of heat alongside the moisture – and voila, a breeding ground for expensive mold is born.


In a Leak Situation, Your Insulation Can Save You Some Time

When it comes to your roof, the insulation is installed in the roof deck – if you’re in your attic, this would be the “floor” of your roof. If unwanted water sneaks in through your roof itself, the insulation can act as a sponge for some of that water; this gives you some time to sort out the problem before it turns into a major meltdown. Small leaks can cost homeowners big time – insulation is just one cost-saving, preventative major that any homeowner can make to save themselves some heartache.

In an Emergency, Your Roof and Its Insulation are Vital

While we don’t like to think about emergency situations, it’s important to plan for them. Not only can our previous point about leaks be life-saving in the event of a hurricane or other downpour, but your roof’s insulation can also make the difference in extreme cold situations. By properly insulating your home against the elements, your roof will be able to store that extra bit of heat within the interior of your house. In a blizzard, this might just be the saving grace of a difficult situation.

It’s clear that your roof’s insulation can be very important, even just as a cost-saving measure. By maintaining your roof’s insulation, you can potentially save hundreds on your utility bill; this isn’t to mention any expensive measures that may result from poor insulation maintenance. To save your house from costly repairs and high utility bills, check out your insulation – we’d be happy to help you do just that.