The roof is one of the most critical components of your home. It provides protection from the elements, and helps keep you and your family comfortable and safe. Like most parts of our homes, over time, the roof can take a beating and often, damage from the weather and debris is unavoidable.

As one of the first lines of defense that your home has, over time, it can deteriorate, especially when you have a shingle roof. Here’s a look at the common causes of shingle deterioration, so that you can be prepared.

Rain, Snow, and Sleet

Water and moisture are two things that you really want to keep away from the structural portions of your home, especially your shingle roof. Water and moisture that isn’t properly drained off can cause mold, mildew, and other unpleasant growths under your roofing. Often, when it’s below freezing, water can pool, freeze, and re-melt, causing major drainage issues. Water under your shingles can lead to significant damage.


The warm, friendly sun isn’t always friendly to our homes. Heat and direct sunlight can cause shingles to break down through the years, leading to them breaking, crumbling, and leaving your home unprotected. Think about how you feel after an extended period of time in the sun, then think about how your roof must feel!


Not only can the wind itself be tough on your roof, attempting to pull shingles apart with it’s mighty gusts, but the debris it produces is quite dangerous as well. If your shingles are loosened by the wind, your roofs underlayment will be directly exposed, leaving your home at risk for further damage. Be aware of how the wind hits your roof, especially at the edges where there are greater chances for it to lift the shingles and do damage.

Trees and Yard Overgrowth

Everyone loves a lush landscape, however not everyone has the time or finances to keep it fully maintained. Big trees leave lots of leaves, which can cause drainage blockages which can lead to water damage. Aside from that, the actual impact of a fallen branch could damage your roof.


A hail storm can make it literally feel like the sky is falling, and can do major damage to your roof. Hail punishes your shingles, breaking off the individual granules that provide the support and protection for your roof. A damaged shingle can not do its job as well as one in perfect condition!

The Importance of Inspecting Your Shingles

Making sure that your shingles are in top shape and able to do their job is important to protecting your home. Broken or missing shingles lead to other roofing problems, which can lead to structural issues, which can lead to thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs for your home.

If you’re unsure if your roof is in good shape or not, call our experts and we will come perform a full roofing inspection. We’ll give you detailed answers and next steps on how we can help. Call us today!