We’ll be honest with you: there are tons of things in your home that you can do-it-yourself. In the age of the internet, few things can’t be googled and handled on your own without the need for expensive contractors. However, there are some things that you definitely shouldn’t mess with: electricity, gas lines, and roofing work, to name a few. Roofing work is some of the most dangerous DIY work – here’s why:

Let’s Start With the Obvious: Safety Concerns.

Getting up on a roof means hauling out the ladder. Climbing up a ladder while carrying heavy tools and extensive materials is no joke; that’s not even to mention the fact that you’ll be working up on the roof for several hours – and it’s hotter than you think up there. Roofs are also inclined and often steeper than you might imagine, making this a precarious task for anyone who hasn’t made roof repairs their full-time career. If any home repair project you attempt has a severe danger of falling several feet, it’s probably a good idea to call a team with a fair amount of experience. When it comes to clambering around on shingles, we believe in leaving this one to the professionals.

Timing is Everything – Including Your Roof Installation.

If you’ve decided to forego the safety warnings and head out onto your roof, you might imagine that you’ll be able to perform your roof project in a couple of hours – that could end up being totally false. Even small repairs could take ages, especially if you need to pause and look things up as you go. For something that a team of experts could complete in an hour or two, you might be spending most of your day up on that rooftop – not exactly how anyone wants to spend a morning (and an afternoon, and an evening, and potentially a second morning…).

Is It Really Cost-Effective?

So, let’s imagine that you decided to redo your roof on your own – it went pretty smoothly, but it definitely wasn’t a professional job. While you might be confident in your own do-it-yourself skills, there’s a chance that the elements won’t. Poor roof installation can leave you with unintended gaps, nooks, and crannies; this will result in air leaking in and out of your house – and potentially a situation for leaks, too. Without proper repairs to that poor installation job, your utility bills will increase – and so will your stress level.

Considering all of these factors in experience, time, and safety, the detriments to DIY roofing projects outweigh the benefits. After all, the point of doing your own roof projects to save money. But after spending hours on your rooftop potentially doing a shoddy job, you might just end up wishing that you’d called the professionals in the first place. For these risks we’ve listed above, we can’t recommend doing your own DIY roofing projects – stick to the experts.

It’s clear that your roof’s insulation can be very important, even just as a cost-saving measure. By maintaining your roof’s insulation, you can potentially save hundreds on your utility bill; this isn’t to mention any expensive measures that may result from poor insulation maintenance. To save your house from costly repairs and high utility bills, check out your insulation – we’d be happy to help you do just that.

You can contact us at Armor Roofing today for a no obligation risk free inspection at 816-331-7663.  That’s 816-331-ROOF.  You have nothing to lose, and can avoid a potential injury from falling from the roof.