Types of Vinyl Siding

In the past, every homeowner had to apply a fresh coat of paint to their house every couple of years. Even after the introduction of aluminum siding a couple of decades ago, the best choice people had when it comes to giving the interior of their houses a makeover was a painted veneer.

But everything has changed now thanks to the introduction of a new kind of finish, known as vinyl siding. When you use it to give your home a makeover, it will protect the house from getting damaged by environmental elements, such as water. Moreover, it is easier to clean as it requires just a pressure washer. There are many other reasons why vinyl is a popular choice among homeowners, some of which include easy installation, durability, light in weight, flexibility, variety, cost-effectiveness, and the wide range of hues available.

They are available in reds, creams, greens, blues, and browns. Every color would add a unique touch to your house. A brighter hue will add a touch of warmth to the house and also make it look larger, while a darker color will make the house look smaller, although it might add some uniqueness to it. But most people prefer cream and light brown colors.

Previously, with the limited varieties available, deciding upon a color, style, or type used to be quite easy. But today, it is a daunting task to choose the most suitable type for your home from such a wide variety. They are designed to look like bricks and stones or resemble battens, logs, and clapboards. There are also some varieties made to resemble wooden lap. Let’s take a closer look at each type in detail.


Board and Batten

If you are looking for a siding that will give the exterior of your home an old-world look, then this is the best choice for you. Board and batten replicate the appearance of wood, giving your home a rustic façade. It is also highly versatile. Here, narrow cedar is often alternated between the width. The most common types are the ones that copy two wood courses, known as D4 and D5. Another type available is known as the Dutch Lap as it takes the shape of the conventional Dutch lap wooden.
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This type is available in a wide range of textures and colors. You can make use of different combinations to completely change the look of your home. This type boasts great fire-resistance and insect-repellent properties.


Log styling will give your house a log-cabin look. But unlike log cabins that are often associated with log settling problems, this type does not have such issues. It is easy to install just like any other variety. Its maintenance cost is also less in comparison to when actual wood logs are used.


While pre-primed can be painted in any color, the paint may not be as long-lasting as that of the manufacturers. Moreover, it would be more expensive to paint it yourself.

Solid Core

This type has a foam core which is placed flat on the wall. It has a better impact resistance capacity than other varieties.

Shake and Shingle

Shake and shingle designs will give a singular appearance to your home. It is often used in combination with other materials.


This type is popular for its ability to save on energy bills thanks to its heat reflecting characteristics. It requires little maintenance and has a more extensive longevity than regular paint. The liquid design protects the house from harsh temperature conditions. It is also environment-friendly and does not emit harmful chemicals like other types.

Vinyl is more durable and cost-effective than paint. It neither rots or flakes and also does not get affected by salt, cold, snow, or sun. All these reasons justify why you need to use them in your home. Their price varies according to the type, style, color, and brand. There are other variables that affect their prices like quality, insulation, and accessories used. When you are looking for vinyl, it’s advisable to compare the prices before settling on a particular style or color. When it comes to installing them, it is advisable to look for a reputable contractor. This is also important when it comes to exterior repairs as well.

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