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One of the best ways of ensuring that your roof has a long life is to make sure it has proper drainage. This can be done by making sure that the gutter system leading down from the roof is clear with no obstructions to water flowing off the roof. Leaves and other debris blowing through the wind can clog your gutters, allowing water to pool and collect on top of your house, thereby increasing the probability of a leak.

As a result, you should periodically have them checked to make sure they are not blocked by debris and that they are in good working order. Call Armor Roofing today for a free inspection of both your roof and water drainage systems. If we find a problem, we can also take care of it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Why Proper Gutter Functioning Is Crucial To Your House

Water is a necessity of life, but it is also an element that can over time corrode your roof, house walls, and house foundations. Gutters or eaves channels are used to collect and divert water as far away from the house exterior and foundation as possible. Over time these gutters can be clogged with leaves and other debris that allows water to pool up and potentially overflow to the sides of your house where it can cause significant damage over time. Sometimes the gutter system itself can be broken or compromised, causing even greater problems. Because most people do not readily perceive the dangers of a faulty gutter system since water damage is a cumulative phenomenon, problems can go unnoticed for years until a big repair bill becomes unavoidable.

For this reason, gutter systems should be checked and cleaned at least once per year if you are not using leaf guard technology. This is most conveniently done alongside an annual roof inspection. For your no obligation inspection of your roof and gutter system, call us today:

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What Type of Channels Best Suit My House

If you need to replace your gutters, you need to decide what type of materials you want to install in the new water diversion system. Most systems these days are made of either aluminum or galvanized metal. Galvanized metal used to be the tried and true standard that you will see in many older houses. One of the reasons is because they are easy to install because of the malleability of the metal. However, the very properties that make them easy to install make them less durable over time.

As a result, aluminum is considered the best choice today. These are considerably more durable, are less likely to corrode over time, and can be manipulated easily enough to install if your contractor has the proper equipment at the job site.

How Long Will It Take To Replace My Current Drainage System?

Generally speaking, a gutter replacement generally goes pretty fast. Unless your house is particularly large, it generally should take two full working days. The first day should be dedicated to removing the old system, while the new one can be put up on the final day.

Is There anyway I Can Avoid Cleaning Out My Gutters?

Tired of annoying leaves and other debris cluttering up your gutters? Well, one good reason to get a replacement system is that there is newer technology that can largely prevent your gutters from getting clogged with leaves and other debris. These are known as “Leafguard” system and incorporate a one-piece design with a hood over the bottom channel that allows water to flow downward. The hood protects the flow of the water from getting blocked by debris at one of these holes.

Note that you do have to be careful in buying leaf guards because not all are the same. There are many products advertised as leaf guards that are additions instead of one piece systems. Usually, these products have to be screwed in place and can compromise your existing roof if done improperly and might even compromise any warranty you have on your roof since you are essentially creating one or more holes in the roof to install the new addition. If you live in an area with heavy snow, these can also actually fall into your gutter and create a clogged system. Finally, these systems do not look as elegant as a one piece system, which can have implications for your home value and its aesthetics.

Other than Clogs, What Are Some Other Common Gutter Problems?

One of the most common problems in areas where there is a lot of snow are gutters collapsing under the weight of the snow. This is one reason why it is a good idea to inspect your gutters after a significant snow storm. It is also very important that the systems are installed right the first time if you live in an area with a lot of snow as poorly installed structures are much more likely to collapse.

When gutters have not been put in correctly with the right slope, then that can cause significant problems. As a result, water might not flow and pool in places. In that case, the system either needs to be completely replaced or sometimes one can just adjust the tilt to get rid of the problem.

Also, gutters are usually fastened together at points referred to as seams. When done properly, these connections are pretty water tight. However, over the years the fitting between the two pieces will erode at these seams. For example, the caulk that was installed as a protective layer will eventually crack, allowing water to come through.

Finally, eventually, some gutters that have been up a long time will rust to such a degree that their integrity is compromised. Then it is likely time for a full replacement.

What Are Seamless Gutters

As mentioned above, seams tend to be areas where leaks will inevitably form over time. If you can get rid of the seams then you can dramatically expand the life of an otherwise well-made channel system. These systems are custom fabricated to fit tightly together. They generally are only joined at the corners and where the downspout joins to the gutter. These generally have to be installed by a contractor since they have to be custom made for your job, often bringing in a machine on site to help extrude the metals to the precise size. As you might imagine, these are the best types of gutters to install if you want to reduce leaks over time.

How Much Does It Cost?

That is going to depend on the job and the type of gutter system. The materials themselves run between $3 to $20 per foot in length. If you had a small leak that needed to be repaired, that could be as little as $50. A larger repair could get upwards of $500, which is also at the low end of a new system replacement. A replacement in of its self can run from $500 for smaller houses to $2000 for installations in very large houses.

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