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Tired of having to constantly paint your house to keep it looking new? Want to have a more durable exterior that will stand the test of time throughout the turbulent weather we have in the Mid West?

Installing new more durable siding materials on your house is among one of the top home improvements to keep your exterior design looking brand new, year in and year out. There are a wide variety of different styles to choose from. One will be perfect for your particular house. Vinyl siding is often the most popular, although some commercial operations prefer metal siding.  Artificial siding can mimic wood, stone, and slate. Imagine not ever having to worry about touching up the side of your house again – well at least for the next few decades.

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What is Siding?

You might have heard about vinyl siding, but do not understand what it is any why you might want to put it on your house. Siding, otherwise known as wall cladding, is basically the materials that are tacked on to the exterior walls of the house in order to serve as a water barrier to the materials underneath. In a sense, siding serves the same purpose to your walls as roofing materials serve to your roof.  Most homes will have some sort of siding added, except homes made out of materials that are more naturally water resistant, such as brick. The exterior barrier is usually comprised of a series of waterproof panels. It is extremely important to have them installed properly, as water can easily slip in between the panels if they are not placed properly. This barrier can be applied directly to the house or can be fitted on top of an intermediate layer for additional protection against the elements.

When Do I Need To Replace My Siding Vinyl?

Well, the answer to this question depends on a number of factors. First, the siding has to be placed properly to last. If shoddy workmanship was done on your home by exterior professionals, then you might experience premature damage to the siding and house. Aside from issues with the installation, the durability of the siding will depend on the materials. This can range from 10 to 50 years for most materials, and even up to 100 years for properly installed masonry exteriors.

If you are looking for a new energy efficient look for your house to increase the market value or just looking to reduce your energy bills, right now might be a good time to replace the siding depending on the material you are using. For example, if you are using an older vinyl technology that peels easily and provides poor insulation, you might want to upgrade to a newer insulated siding and consider Energy Star options.

Shawn Obermann Interview with ABC NewsIf you are not looking to prospectively make such a change, then you should occasionally check your home’s exterior for signs that you might need a refurbishment. Take a gaze at your house from a distance and notice if there are any unsightly dents, large cracks, missing panels, or anything else that is a tell tale sign that you need to call a siding contractor to evaluate the situation.  You might also want to consider some replacement windows as well when ascertaining the best home repairs to improve your Johnson County real estate value.

If the exterior passes the glance at a distance test, it is time to take a more up close inspection. Look closely at the side of your house and look for signs of mildew and mold. If they are invading the side of your house then the exterior is likely not appropriately shedding water, and it is probably time to completely replace the home siding with new siding options. Pull on the materials and see if they are firm or loose. Obviously, if the materials are overly pliable, chances are they have decayed to an extent that you need to look at installing replacement materials with the help of a construction llc.

When in doubt, call an expert roofing and construction company like Armor Roofing. We will give you a free inspection to tell you what is necessary for your house. Our remodeling company can help you achieve the best look for the best value to improve the value of your real estate.  We can also advise you on any considerations that might need to be made in getting the best exterior cladding for your money.  Don’t choose just any home improvement inc  if you want a lifetime exterior that will make your Kansas City home the envy of your neighbors.

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Properties to Look For In Exterior Cladding Materials

When evaluating what exterior cladding to put on your house, there are several different offsetting factors you need to consider. Arguably most important is water resistance. The more resistant to the elements, the longer the material will last before it has to be replaced, treated, or repaired. Log siding, for instance, is not going to be as water resistant as ABC Seamless Siding. A close second is an overall durability. For example, will the exterior dent easily when exposed to impact damage from threats such as hail or the errant baseball hurled at the house. Ideally, you want the material to be energy efficient as well. A well-insulated material will cut down on the need to install more efficient insulation in your house and help to cut down on your energy bills, especially if you live in particularly warm or cold climates.

The ideal material should also be easy for your contracting LLC to install. This will cut down on the labor expenses to place the materials on your home. Related to this is the versatility of the material. Some types of siding to not work well with certain home designs. Check whichever construction LLC you are using to make sure that whatever material that you chose will be able to be easily installed on the house that you are refurbishing.

The aesthetics of the material are of course important for raising the resell value of your home and perhaps pleasing a local homeowners association. The good news is that most modern siding materials come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Make sure that you are happy with the visual effect of any material that you chose for your house.

The final factor is of course cost. Many times the most durable and attractive materials come with a substantial price tag, with a few exceptions. Generally, you get what you pay for. You have to determine what material realistically meets those goals that are most important to you while fitting within your budget.

Choices of Materials

Many different materials can be used as siding. Thatch was one of the first such materials used in early construction, although you will not find that much on modern buildings. Wood is more commonly used because of its ease of installation. However, because wood is not naturally water resistant, it requires a lot of maintenance. Expect to need to treat the wood to resist water damage every five to ten years. It can also be a draw for termites and other pests that can have horrific consequences to your house if you are so unlucky as to have them take up residence there.

Plastic materials such as vinyl have become much more popular due to the fact that they are more naturally resistant to the elements. They can also be painted any color and can be made to resemble traditional wood exteriors. This makes it a highly versatile solution. The initial synthetic products did not last very long. They would tend to crack or fade over time. More recent vinyl constructions have made significant improvements to the long term durability of these exteriors, which is one of the reasons that they have become more popular in recent years.
If placing the vinyl on the exterior of your house, then you are going to want to add some extra layers of insulation like foam underneath since plastic is not a natural insulator such as wood. The other big negative to vinyl as an exterior water barrier for your house is the fact that it is extremely sensitive to heat. This makes it more likely for the exterior of a house to catch fire if you live in a climate zone that is vulnerable to such risks.

Insulated siding is a relatively recent innovation which combines a plastic exterior with a polystyrene foam on the interior layer which should provide a lower heat conductivity to the house interior. Some have indicated the use of this type of siding over typical plastic materials can lower energy consumption by up to 20%. This siding is also quite durable. Manufacturer of these latest designs claims impressive expected lifetimes of up to fifty years when installed by the right contracting LLC. The rigid foam on the back side, in particular, make the materials much more resistant to wind and impact damage which might create unsightly dents in traditional vinyl materials. These exteriors also are more permeable to air, which should reduce the risks of mold problems.

Metal siding is quite sturdy and can be quite useful in coastal areas with high moisture. Aluminum, in particular, provides a very durable finish and will actually form on oxide layer when exposed to the elements, which makes the layers underneath resistant to degradation. In contrast, steel siding is more prone to rust through, but at the same time is more resistant to dents. The latter could be important in areas such as the Midwest which can get significant hail damage during storms.  Metal siding can be the best type of house siding in such an environment.

If you want significant durability, with lifetimes that exceed 100 years, you can consider masonry siding. These materials come in a wide variety of styles and arguably look quite distinctive on a house. It requires minimal maintenance. As you might expect, the one drawback is you pay a lot of money for this piece of mind and style. Stone and masonry can be quite expensive to clad the exterior of your house with. In areas that experience a lot of rain, an extra coating might need to be added to protect the masonry from intense weathering from the elements.
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