Why Armor Is The Best Kansas City Roofing Company

We Are Quality Roofers Who Put Customers’ Interests First

Armor has been providing Kansas City roofing services for over three decades. Our founder, Shawn Obermann, is a trusted expert who has been featured in interviews in both local and national media outlets. You have to look no further than our perfect A+ rating with the local Better Business Bureau and the numerous five-star reviews posted online to see that we have a commitment to making the customer happy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Iron Clad Warranty On All Our Work

One thing that sets Armor apart from other roofing contractors is that we put our money where our mouth is. When we do a job, we take the time to make sure use the right materials and make sure the job is finished properly. As a result, we have no problem standing behind our work. We thus offer a Five-year guarantee on both the materials and labor for any roof repair or replacement that we do for your house or commercial establishment. If you decide to go with any lifetime roof product such as the Timberline GAF line, then we will offer you a lifetime warranty on the labor as well. This way you can sleep well at night knowing that the job was done right.

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Insurance Claims Handled Correctly To Insure Your Reimbursement

Most people who experience roof damage can have it repaired at no expense to themselves if they have a proper home insurance policy. However, it is very important that if you do have any sort of damage that you take the proper precautions to make sure the insurance company actually pays the claim. There are many different traps that people fall into that can jeopardize your claim.

Dealing with Fake Roof Damage

The first is “fake roof damage.” You see, there are roofers out there who will be called out for an inspection after a big hail storm and create damage where none exists just to get a job. Unless you get up on the roof yourself and watch the inspector while he is doing it, you might not realize what is happening. However, an experienced insurance adjuster most definitely will be able to spot the fact that the damage is artificial. For example, hail damage is most likely not going to affect just one part of the roof, it will likely cause similar damage to the structure. A trained professional will most definitely be able to recognize the difference.

What do you think happens when the inspector notices that the damage was caused by the roofer that you had come out to your house? Do you think they will reimburse for the job?

Not a chance! They are likely going to appropriately recommend that you sue the person who created the damage. But we all know how expensive attorneys are, and fraudulent contractors often just move on to a different town and reincorporate under another name. Either way, you are going to have to put up a lot of cash upfront to seek to pursue a remedy, and there is no guarantee that you will be repaid.

Failing To Get Preemptive Inspection

Then, of course, there are logistical issues that can keep you from getting a job reimbursed. For example, some roof companies that lack the proper experience will go ahead and start working on a roof prior to asking the insurance adjuster to come out and take a look at the roof. The problem is that the insurance representative has no idea if the damage is real or justified the repair/replacement because he never saw the roof prior to the roofers working on it. How can they reimburse for the damage if they never knew if there was damage in the first place or the extent of it? As far as they know, the roof might not have been replaced at all! So, if this happens to you, likely the roofer’s mistake is going to result in your paying for the job out of your pocket.
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Shoddy Work Can Delay Or Prevent Your Reimbursement

Finally, let’s say that you do get the insurance adjuster to sign off on your roof replacement after inspecting the damage. You are not quite out of the woods yet. Not all roofing contractors are created equal. If you select one of these non-local storm damage teams that hop from city to city looking for a quick buck you are in particular damage of having a shoddy job done. Even a lot of established local roofing companies near you will not necessarily have the quality controls in place to make sure the job is done right the first time. This is especially true if it is a large corporate type operation where it is hard to oversee the individual jobs.

Once the job is completed, the inspector is going to be called out to make sure it was done properly, so that the company will not have to pay for another patch job in the near future after the next storm rolls through town. If he sees that the shingles were not laid down properly, if nails were not placed appropriately, etc. then they are going to demand that the roofer completes it to proper specifications before reimbursing the work. If the storm team that you got to work on your roof has already moved on to the next town, good luck getting them to come back and finish the work. By the way, this is one reason you never hire any roofing contractor that demands all the cash up front for the job.

Even if they do agree to get the job done correctly after an inspector complains, they may not have the experience necessary to finish that particular job properly. Perhaps it is a material they have never worked with before. As a result, you might have to get someone else to come and finish the job. At a minimum, it is going to be a hassle scheduling the company to come out a re-do the job the way it should have been done the first time. This is why it is best to hire a contractor who is going to put the time and effort to do the job right up front.

Armor Roofing Works With Your Insurance Company To Get the Job Reimbursed

With our company on the job, you do not need to worry about the quality of the job or getting the payment reimbursed. We have established relationships with insurance inspectors in the Kansas City area in doing business here for over 23 years. They know our work and the quality we produce. We also can work directly with the insurance agents to make sure you get the proper reimbursement for your roof which will remove a lot of stress from your life if you have never dealt with an issue like this before.

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Extensive Experience Allows Us To Handle Installation of All Kinds of Roofs

Armor is proud to carry a wide selection of roof solutions specifically chosen for the climate and weather conditions prevalent in the mid-west. Our skilled experts are well-versed in all the different roof solutions on the market today. We have seen it all and seen which roofs tend to stand the test of time in this area.

A lot of companies will quote a bid, never having worked with a particularly material or type of roof before. They might, as a result, overestimate their ability to complete the job not understanding the particular nuances involved when installing a particular type of construction material or understanding when you have to change your practice when working on a particular shape of a roof. The result could be a delay in completion, the need for more materials than anticipated and thus a more expensive job, or a job that is just not done properly and will need to be repaired or patched in the years to come.

When you hire our company, it comes with the peace of mind knowing that whatever your situation, we have probably seen it before and we can give you an accurate estimate of the materials involved and the overall cost. We can even recommend solutions that work best for your particular roof.

We Offer Free Estimates and Inspections

Concerned that your roof might have been damaged during a major storm? It is a valid concern, and something you should not blow off, particularly if your neighbors experienced damage or if you see visible hail damage to exterior structures like air conditioning units. The damage that is not taken care of can ultimately result in leaks that can be more expensive to take care of later down the road. Even if you do not suspect damage after a storm, you should at minimum get your roof checked once per year just as precautionary maintenance.

The good news is that you do not have to get up to your house and inspect it yourself. This can be dangerous, particularly if you have no prior experience navigating the top of your house. Even professionals can take a big fall from time to time. Have an experienced professional out to inspect the roof and see if you have issues and what the best resolution to a potential problem might be.

At Armor Roofing we offer both free inspections and free roofing quotes. So you have no excuse not to call us to check to see if there are any potential issues. We are HAAG Certified Inspectors and will be able to give you our expert opinion.

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When you first contact us, we book an appointment for a free visit with you. During the visit, we look at the condition of the roof, take all necessary measurements, and we recommend what work needs to be done, if any, given our three decades of experience in the industry.

We use only the products of quality brands from leading suppliers. Since your new roof will last for many years, we of course use only the best products. Together, we go then through the various choices of products and you decide what you think is best for your house.

Shortly after the visit, we will get back to you with a free quote based on what we have agreed. We always leave a fixed price which also includes all necessary work, unless we agree otherwise. The fixed price also includes the removal and recycling of construction waste. The idea is that you should not have to handle any waste itself.

If you then decide to hire us for the job, we will send the contract to you, you may return the endorsed to us. If you need us to help you with the insurance company adjuster to get them to sign off on covering the job, we have long established relationships with most of the companies in the vicinity of Kansas City and can help you with this. The last thing you want is to put a new roof on a house without the insurance company agreeing to foot the bill.

After completion of the work as we go through the renovation so that both parties agree that the work is completed.

What Is Roofing Material Best For My House?

In general, there are many different considerations that go into the roof. Some of these are aesthetic in nature. You want your roof to look good so that your home retains is resale value, or that the value is actually enhanced by the quality of the roof design. Then there is the issue of how well the roof protects against the elements. Does it keep water out? Finally, there are questions of durability. After all, the last thing you want is to have to come back and put on a new roof 10 or 15 years later. No one solution will be best for everyone.

There are some roofing materials such as the tile that people should think twice about installing. This is particularly the case in the Midwest now due to the increased seismic activity in the area over the last couple years. Heavy materials like tile should be avoided as they are more likely to result in damage during an earthquake. Replacing a tile roof can also be quite expensive due to the fact that you need to replace all the underlayment under the roof as well.

Metal roofs are very light and can withstand even the worst hail damage. Metal roofs can practically last forever. The only issue with metal roofs is that they are not great water barriers. As a result, it is important that they are installed with the proper underlayment to serve a solid water barrier. The good news is that once this is in place since the metal provides better durability than tile, you will not likely have to have someone come out and replace that underlayment.

Traditional asphalt shingles have become increasingly durable over the last few years. Several companies have come out with “lifetime” roofing shingles with extended warranties lasting up to three decades. These are all designed to withstand very high winds and stand the test of time. Timberline GAF is a good brand that tends to stand up well under harsh conditions. Tamko Build Products Heritage Line is another good brand of lifetime asphalt shingle along with CertainTeed’s lifetime roof model. Which brand you choose depends largely on the look that you are desiring to create for your rooftop as each company has a wide variety of different styles to fit your individual needs.

If you do use us to install your lifetime roof, then we will provide a lifetime warranty on labor to match the warranty that comes with the material.

How Do I Know My Roof Needs a Replacement?

A patch job or roof repair is not always possible or advisable on a roof. Roofs do age over time and at some point need to be completely replaced. This is particularly true if you have not had some of the newer more advanced materials placed on your house.

If your roof is over 36 years old, it most likely needs to be replaced. However, it is possible that a roof that has been up much less than this time might also need to be replaced. This is particularly true is cheap, shoddy materials were used on it or if the job was not done properly. A really massive hail storm can also seriously damage a younger roof. As a result, it is a good idea to get a roof inspected at least one time each year or after a particularly bad storm has marched through the area.

Key indicators that you might have a problem include hail damage to external structures such as cars or AC units. You might also see shingles that have blown off the roof or even pieces of shingles or tiles.

If you do manage to climb to the top of your house to look around (generally, not a good idea as it can be dangerous – if you must inspect yourself try using binoculars if possible), then you might see patches of missing shingles, shingles that are lifted or curled up and not fitting snug to the roof, or cracks in the middle of the shingles as indications that it is time to call out a roofer. If you see smooth surface patches on the shingles, that is also a bad sign as it means the outer layer is decayed.

You can also check the attic of your house or building. This is best done when the lights off in the attic when it is a sunny day outside. If you look up and see holes where the sunlight is shining through, then chances are the roof above it is shot. Also check carefully with the light on to see if there are any new water stains which could be indicative of a leak.

The best way to know for sure is to simply call Armor Roofing out to let the best roofing experts inspect your house for damage for free. Give us a call at (816)-331-7663.

How Hard Is It To Patch My Own Roof?

Well obviously, it depends on your level of experience. Generally, people who have not done roofing professionally should leave to the professionals. If you repair it yourself and make a seemingly minor error, it could result in needing a new roof sooner than necessary or unnecessary water damage to your house. Walking on top of a roof can also be dangerous due to the risk of falling, especially if you do not have a lot of experience doing so.

Even if you used to do roofing in your past, it might not be the best idea. Materials, as well as best practices, change over time. Certainly, you could research these things, but is this how to best spend your time. One of the reasons division of labor works in society is that it is cost effective. You might spend hours upon hours watching YouTube videos on the best roofing materials and the proper techniques to install it. Then you struggle through making sure you do it right your first time. Then I think if you add up all the hours and compare it to what your time is actually worth in terms of an hourly rate at your normal place of employment, you will be highly disappointed. The reason why is that is going to take you much longer than an expert to get up to speed and complete the job to the perfection required.

Quite frankly, it is not really necessary unless you just enjoy trying new things. Most houses under mortgage will be required to have home insurance that should cover the job. It thus makes the most sense to call a professional who can quickly take care of the problem and let the insurance company pay for it. Doing otherwise amounts to being penny wise and pound foolish.

How Do I Deal With A Roofing Emergency After A Severe Storm?

Sometimes you can get severe damage right after a storm. For example, high winds or a tornado could cause a large tree to tear a hole in your roof. The damage might be such that you need immediate protection until an emergency repair can be performed. It is best to cover the roof with a large tarp while waiting for the long-term structural repair to be done. The tarp can be held in place by 1×3 wood strips from your local hardware store. Make two turns of the tarp around one 1×3 that you place on an undamaged section of the roof which is screwed into place there. It should be placed flush with the roof in a position so that it will not serve as a natural collector of debris that washes down the roof. Then drape the rest of the trap over the damaged portion extending several feet beyond this area. Then use other 1×3 strips to make sure that the tarp sides are also held down firm against the roof.

However, note that this is something that you honestly should not attempt yourself if possible. It can be quite dangerous, especially if you are attempting it in the middle of inclement weather. It is best to call out an expert as soon as possible to put up the tarp first, and then provide a more permanent solution.

Why Should You Choose Us At Armor to Handle Your Repair or Replacement?

  • Free no risk inspection by a HAAG certified professional.
  • Free quote
  • Fast and fair prices
  • Works with many different materials – standard shingles, tiles, slate, metal roofs, etc.
  • Clear written offers and contracts
  • Full payment only after completion of work
  • We are licensed and bonded
  • We have a perfect A+ rating with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau
  • Can handle commercial or residential jobs. Installations, repairs and new roofs – no problem.
  • We have been in business since 1993 and our team has experience going back three decades
  • Our customers are our biggest fans as we have tons of five-star reviews posted all over the internet. You read for yourself right here.

Do not take any chances when it comes to your roof. Let the #1 trusted experts in the great Kansas City area take care of it.

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